Food Truck Application


About the Project


With tons of new applications coming out for finding locations for food trucks it was important to create one that will enhance user experience and interface. By creating a better experience for the user we looked at several apps and that they had the important information on locations, menu, and schedules. The downfall that many apps had the information hard to find or a poor overall design.


Our solution for coming up with an application that fits all these criteria’s was to create an excellent user flow that is well designed both functionally and aesthetically. We wanted the user to have multiple paths of getting to different information of the app, that way there is less tasks that the user has to go through to find what they want.

Some different features that we included into application that other apps do not have is a way to filter trucks by dietary needs, directions right in the app, and schedule for the individual trucks. These are important because they give the user more options to search for trucks but also to find exactly what they need quickly.

Done with Kim Clarke & Danielle Kinley


Sitemap & User Flow

sitemap and user flow