Run Lola Run


About the Project


Run Lola Run (1998) directed by Tom Tykwer is a film that has complex layers of information that change throughout the storyline, some are small and other are significant. Since the movie has many complexities it was important to create a poster that would be visually engaging but also broke down the layers to make it easier for the viewer to understand the movie and see where and when the changes happened.


Everything for type is placed on the outside of the spiral while the symbols inside are intended to keep it consistent for easy navigation. The same follows for the thin straight and curve lines, one is made to showcase the changes of the main events during the events and to match up the events of when the acts happen in relation to where they are in movie time.

Every group labeled in the legend is a different color to provide a sense of grouping so the viewer can find things more easily. It was extremely important that information was separated but easy for the viewer to understand and make the piece cohesive at the same time.