Self-Driving Car Interface


About the Project


As of right now, automated vehicles are happening and they are will be produced sooner than people think. Google and Mercedes-Benz have their own self-driving vehicle that requires no driver, where as other car companies such as Tesla, BMW, Volvo, and a few others still require a driver to be paying attention to the road. The main issue that surrounds self-driving vehicles is how do companies get users to feel safe and comfortable when using them.


In order to build trust with the user the new interface for a self-driving car would include technologies that are people are already familiar with such as the use of a tablet, voice commands, and smartphones.

Some unique features that would be available in the car would be the ability to put the vehicle to go into a Simulation Mode that would simulate the movements of the vehicle so the user will not be surprised. The user would be able to summon a hologram of a steering wheel for however long they needed in order to feel “some control” over the vehicle. The idea of a nonfunctional steering wheel is to allow people to slowly wean themselves from it and to get use to the fact that there is no steering wheel and to put trust into the vehicle.

The last feature would be an inlaid computer on the windshield allowing the user to see some of the important information of the vehicle such as weather conditions, speed, mechanical health, and time need to charge the batter/fill tank up. With all these controls and information that user has access to allows for people to build trust with the vehicle but also allows for a smooth interface that is easy to understand.